What Makes You Special?


I spent this last week at something called the “National Publicity Summit” – a unique, closed-door event where you can listen to top producers, journalists, and editors reveal the secrets of getting coverage in their publications (or shows), then personally meet with them one-on-one to discuss the possibility of doing a story on you (or whatever it is you’re promoting).

Taking advantage of this unique experience was one of a kind - but not for the reasons you may think of initially. Meeting with representatives of shows like The View, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, and others was impressive. 

But you know what was more impressive? 

The attendees. Hearing their stories, their unique gifts and the contribution and difference they want to make for the world made an indelible impression on me.

There was the interior designer who wants people’s homes to reflect their soul and created the phrase “Soulscaping” and wrote a book about it.  

A successful businessman who lost everything including his father and brother, blamed the world for his circumstances until he mastered personal responsibility and now coach’s others to have the courage to face their own fears. 

A woman who has started a movement to make sure that women operate at their peak performance called “Gutsy Women Win.”

Those are just a handful of the inspiring people I met.

Here is what I really got out of attending. I’m just as special as they are. You know how I know? Because we all sat around in awe of each other’s accomplishments and to have your “specialness” reflected back to you is really something.

What I took away is this: Each of us is special in our own unique way. We have had unique experiences and thus have developed unique points of view that only we have. 

Once you CLAIM and OWN your specialness all there is left to do is to contribute it to the world.

The world wants what you have. 

So what are you waiting for?

I’d seriously love to hear from you.