The World is My Country


It certainly was a difficult election night and I’ve been thinking a lot about what has been transpiring since.  Over the weekend I was in an amazing course and walked away with a major insight: stop apologizing for being me; stop worrying about what people will think of me. Some people will like me, some won’t. That’s just the nature of life.

Sunday night I posted something on Facebook that normally I wouldn’t have. Nearly 200 people liked my post. You know what I liked even more? The ones who commented on it and didn’t agree with me or called me out on how I said something. 

Some may have read through the comments and been upset. I took the case that everything being said simply allowed for more healing. Within 48 hours I had people who didn’t know each other thanking each other for expressing their opinions and apologizing for any misunderstandings. It was a wild and welcomed ride.

I truly believe that the “chaos” we have experienced this year – President-elect Trump, Standing Rock, the Syrian refugee crisis, the police shootings across the country and the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement in direct response, BREXIT, the terrorist attacks and so much more – have been to jerk us out of our slumber, rip us out of our apathy and FORCE our culture to transform. 

My hope? That we become more inclusive and more heart based than ever been before. I personally am going to do everything I can to not only exemplify that but create pathways for others to do the same.

A friend once coined a phrase that has stuck with me for years and I feel it is more important today than ever:

Humankind = Human. Kind. Be Both.



I will be hosting free monthly webinars starting this Tuesday. My intention is to provide new ways for each of us to not only find our voice but to be able to speak in ways that leave us all heard, understood and respected.  I hope you will join me. You can find out more by going to the events page on my website.