Jen Coken - Coach, Speaker, Author, Comedian

Author and coach Jen Coken presenting Keynote Speach.

Laugh & Learn

Leave it to a comedian to make cancer and leadership development entertaining — but Jen has done it. Her seminars, keynotes, and workshops are designed for leaders and their teams, healthcare providers, people living with cancer, and caregivers who crave actionable lessons from the heart and the opportunity to laugh at life’s absurdity.

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Empowerment & Authenticity. Jen Coken’s content is designed for listeners who think differently when it comes to breakthroughs and discovery. She listens to the heart of her audiences, allowing her to go deeper than most presenters. Jen motivates her participants to trust their own instincts and find new paths to growth, success, and being themselves. Her keynote speeches, workshops, webinars, and half and full-day trainings revolve around two areas of focus:



After losing her Mother to Ovarian Cancer in 2011, Jen began a mission to end late-stage diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer and help others through one of life's most difficult experiences.

Empowering Leaders

Jen has distilled 20 years of coaching into no-nonsense learning experiences that drive your audience to take action, make lasting changes, and bring their biggest goals to life.