I help highly successful people live the life they really want.

Are you a high achiever who is currently dealing with one or more challenging circumstances or even in a crisis state of being?

Are you anxious, worried or frustrated that you can't seem to solve your own problem(s)?

Would you like to be guided through these tough times to get you back on track leaving you more fulfilled and happy?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

I help highly successful people who are facing challenging times, come through them with a renewed sense of self, a greater zest for life and a newfound commitment to fulfill their dreams.

Hi, I’m Jen Coken, an author, life coach and speaker. I’m also a stand-up comedian. There’s not too many people you’ll meet who uniquely combine life coaching with stand-up comedy. So, I bring a very different and unique perspective to dealing with tough times. I help people “find the funny” in whatever they are dealing with.  When you are able to lighten up, no matter the circumstances, this can change everything for the better. As I like to say, if you can keep your sense of humor when the you know what is hitting the fan? That’s half the battle.

If this is your first time visiting my website, then I encourage you download the webinar and workbook called "Creating Resolutions that Stick." The point of the webinar is to get you thinking outside the box and step away from making S.M.A.R.T. goals. I think S.M.A.R.T. goals are stupid because they stop you from dreaming big, thinking creatively and playing full out.  After you watch this video and do the workbook exercises, you will be deeply connected to your values, you will have identified what’s important to you and will have created big, hairy audacious goals that are worthy of putting your butt on the line.

Check out the other free resources I have available as well.

I encourage you to explore the rest of the website to learn more about me, my book, and how I can work with you one on one through personal coaching. I’m looking forward to helping you be more satisfied with your life and what the future holds for you.


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