Want to Go Beyond What You Think You Are Capable of?

How About Busting Through Some

Self-Made Limitations?


You CAN Start Living Your Best Life NOW!

If you’re reading this, you’re highly successful and secretly unsatisfied.

I’ve been there (though I didn’t buy the overpriced t-shirt) and I know what it takes to look at the hard stuff, laugh at life’s absurdity, and create a plan straight-laced for fulfilling your soul’s purpose — the one that you feel deep inside your bones.


frankly, I think balance is bullsh!t

I live for helping people seize the moment, feel grounded in who they are, and live powerfully in action. Other things to know about me: I’m a recovering stand up comedian and a firm believer that balance, or “having it all together,” is total bull. Embracing life’s ridiculousness is how I roll and helping others overcome their self-made limitations and achieve big things is what I was put on this planet to do.


Jen Coken Author and Coach Skydiving, enjoying life.

Embrace the Ridiculousness, A Pocket Guide to Being a Better You, by Jen Coken

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