When I Die, Take My Panties Book Cover

When I Die Take My Panties

Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts

“When I Die, Take My Panties — It’s funny, it’s frank, it’s inspiring.” — Jenny Allen, Author of "Would Everybody Please Stop: Reflections on Life and Other Bad Ideas"

"Jen's book gives us a first-hand account of how people with cancer are much more than their diagnoses — How their wanderings through the maze of disease can be a part of a greater, wisdom-gathering journey. This is an amazing book!" — Homayoun Sadeghi, M.D.

So often we want to control life – and the truth is we can’t. I wrote When I Die, Take My Panties as wake-up call for YOU to start living your best life RIGHT NOW.  I take you on a journey to learn to be happy with what’s right in front of you, seize the moment, and take risks.


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Review by Publishers Weekly

"Coken's debut memoir provides a close-up and, at times, funny view of dealing with the illness and death of her mother while her own life continued on. The relatable content and all-too-familiar story line make this an easy book to engage with.... and Coken's honesty is genuine. Those who take the time to journey with Coken will likely find comfort and a lesson at the end, much as she found through her experiences."

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Praise From Readers

"More than a memoir, Jennifer's writing reminds us that the lessons in life reveal themselves during the highs and lows of living."

"This book speaks to the power of the human spirit."

"The author's ability to find the heart of life's most difficult experiences is inspiring and beautiful."

"Her wit and honesty about her own thoughts and feelings will make you look at yourself in a new light."

“Jennifer Coken’s riveting memoir sheds light on an important issue that every woman needs to know about. Take the journey with her through the tragic death of her mother to ovarian cancer and possibly save a life in doing so.” — Dr. Caryn Silver, MD, Florida Cancer Specialists

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