Do What Brings You Joy!

do what brings you joy.PNG

When I began this great adventure of coaching, speaker/training and writing full-time, I posted a blog weekly.

It was important to me to connect with you that way. I found so much joy putting all my thoughts on paper.

Then, one of my coaches suggested that I start adding backlinks, better subject lines, at least 20% different content between my emails, blogs, posts, etc.

Like a good student, I took the coaching but what used to be a labor of love would take me an entire day.

What used to be a labor of love began to simply feel, well, laborious.

So, I decided to find something that brought me joy instead.

Since January I’ve been posting daily on LinkedIn.

It’s been so fun to take my thoughts and put them into 1200 characters that make a difference.

(Just search #selfmanagementminutes and you can find the ones I’ve been doing.)

The moral of the story? Do stuff that brings you joy. Life’s too short not to.

Meanwhile, I will start posting again weekly here, but it just might not be 20% different then what I post on LinkedIn.

Freaking Rulebreaker.

Jen Coken