The Best Investment You Can Make...


When asked by the New York Times: “What is the #1 investment a person can make?” Warren Buffet responded: “Invest in Yourself.”

He went on to say:

“Surround yourself with people who will help you achieve your goals and dreams. We all need to have positive people in our lives.  And maybe you need a mentor or coach who can help you take action on your goals.”

This may come across as self-indulgent because I am a Life Coach. But let me make myself abundantly clear. I’m not saying hire me (we may not be a fit), I’m simply saying hire A Life Coach.

Unsuccessful people think they should be able to reach their goals on their own.

Successful people know that success isn’t a solo adventure. Success comes from working in partnership with people around you who will encourage/support/harrass/cajole/ and mostly INSPIRE you to achieve your dreams.

When I thought back over all things I’d accomplished in my life and the setbacks I’d overcome, I realized there were only a few years when I didn’t have a coach. As a kid, my Mom was my biggest cheerleader. In college and throughout my early career I surrounded myself with advisors and mentors who I went to on a regular basis for advice and guidance. I always assumed I didn’t have all of the answers and felt that asking others for their input would reveal something I hadn’t even imagined. My career choices were predicated upon their advice and I was successful because I took it.

Around the age of 32 I realized all the advice I was getting wasn’t doing the job it used to do. I was successful, but my experience of success was shortlived because I was always moving on to the next thing and therefore was never really satisfied with myself.  I had a lot of friendships and was a very social person, but felt lonely in a room full of people. I’d been in love a number of times, but all of my peers were getting married and I wasn’t sure that was the road for me and didn’t know who to talk to about that. I loved my family, but a lot of the time they drove me crazy and I wasn’t sure how to be my best when I wasn’t “in the mood.”

I realized I had a lot of “buts” so I decided it was time to put my proverbial “butt” on the line.  

That’s when I hired my first Life Coach and have surrounded myself with coaches over the last 20 years. Why?

  • I wanted to be asked questions that made me question myself and made me think outside my own box.
  • I wanted someone who was not only going to be my biggest cheerleader, but also my biggest challenger.
  • I wanted someone who could watch my performance (aka me live my life) from a 30,000 foot view, and ask me questions until I came to my own answers.
  • I wanted someone who could unlock the genie in the bottle. That genie was me.

This is what a Life Coach does. This is what I’ve done with over 8,000 people for nearly 20 years.

We help you identify your self-made limitations and bust right through them. We help you create and achieve bigger goals than you ever thought possible. We don’t buy your excuses for why you can’t be successful – we are constantly challenging you to go beyond what you think you are capable of. We raise the bar on you, even if you have that bar set really high to begin with.

How do you find the right coach for you? It’s simple: credibility and chemistry. Do they have the chops to get the job done and will you pick up their phone call when you see their name coming up on the screen.

How do you know if you are ready for a life coach? Also simple. You have to be ready to take the coaching. Don’t hire someone if aren’t going to be coachable.

If you are ready to be coached, the next step is to talk to a few coaches and pick the one who’s the best fit. That’s exactly why I offer a 30 – 60 minute discovery call to determine credibility, coachability and chemistry (it works both ways).

No matter where you are at with your life, a coach can make a big difference.

So why not schedule a call with me today? Just send an email to me at and we’ll work something out.

I’m here to take you to your next level.