Have Jennifer speak at your event

Jen speaks to a variety of audiences because of her diverse background and experiences. 

  • As a "recovering" stand-up comedian, Jen brings her sense of humor to every topic whether on campus or in corporate america. In either arena, Jen's engaging style and interactive presentations leaves audiences empowered and thinking about their lives differently.
  • As an author, Jen’s chief mission is to end the late-stage diagnosis of ovarian cancer. She is especially interested in educating women's groups and Jewish groups about the signs and symptoms of the disease and what to tell their doctors. She meets with those in the health care field to discuss ways patients can become better partners. She also meets with caregiver groups and cancer support organizations to help better understand what to say to someone with cancer and how to handle treatment options. 
  • Finally, as a life coach for nearly 20 years, Jen blends her authenticity, her sense of humor and her plain way of speaking to empower her audiences to find a way to flow with life’s challenges.

Jen is available to:

  • speak to large audiences for 60-90 minutes with Q&A;
  • present a 1-2 hour workshop or webinar with a small group on campus, at your office or with your non-profit organization;
  • conduct ½ day or more strategic visioning and leadership development session with your team.

Jen customizes the content for each audience as she guides participants through a series of tools and exercises. 


WOMEN/HealthcARE/ Care Giver GROUPS


College CampusES


What People are Saying

“Jen is an excellent trainer and effective speaker,
and has special skills with student leaders.”
— Dr. Murray Fishel, Professor Emeritus, Kent State University
“Jen has an exceptional ability to motivate students with her combination of inspiration and practical information.”
— Jennifer Jones, Co-Director of Homelessness Conference, Marquette University
“Jen spoke to us about balance. It was a unique workshop because she didn’t just give us the classic talk about making time for everything, she made it useful and applicable to each of our situations. Her added touch of comedy made the workshop more relatable and interesting instead of completely abstract and bland. I would highly recommend her to visit and speak at any college campus, for any student can gain so much from her perspectives and experiences.”
— Nicholas, Student Leader, Univ. of So. Carolina
“Jen Coken truly delights the room. Her background as a comedienne makes her infusion of humor natural, authentic and fun! Yes, she is humor-forward and commands the attention of the room, and, her message is power-packed with depth. Jen is ideal for audiences of professional females because she’s relatable and she combines empathy for “the reality of life” with a true desire for women to live their most fulfilling lives.”
— Meghann Conter - Denver Dames