Want a Fresh Start this Spring?

Many people come to coaching with specific goals in mind. But to be truly happy we need to do more than achieve goals – we need to know who we are – and express that in the world.


That’s why I’m excited to announce launch of my “Self-Discovery” series!

Why right now? Because it’s Spring – a time of rebirth and renewal. When hope literally springs forth and we can turn our face to the sun after the “pulling in” of winter.

The purpose of the series is to help you truly get to know yourself better, express yourself more authentically in the world, and to more meaningfully answer the questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What really matters to me?
  • What do I value most about myself?
  • How can I reinvent myself and know that the best is yet to come?

This series consists of one on one coaching 2x a month for four months. Here is the course outline:

Month One: Boost Your Self-Confidence and Self-Awareness. 

Use three different tools to help you identify:

  • What makes you truly happy?
  • What do you admire most in others that you can develop for yourself?
  • What unique qualities do you value most about yourself?

Month Two: What Do You Value?

Utilize a 5-step process to established a prioritized list of your Top 10 Core Values. When you are clear about your values, you understand what drives and motivates you. Then you can use your values to make informed life changing decisions, set goals, determine roles, activities and people who support your values - and more readily discern counterproductive naysayers.

Month Three: Going Deeper to Create a Positive Outlook  

In this month, I give you one super useful tool to identify what you are grateful for and re-evaluate how you feel about your day. Building on this tool, you’ll use a short (5 minute) guided meditation so you can tap into your intuition, and explore personal symbols or dreams to look for deeper meanings.

Month Four: Where Might You Be Holding Yourself Back? 

Over the last three months, you have grown and developed and it is very likely you have had some breakthroughs.

It is at this critical point that many of us often sabotage ourselves. This month we’ll leverage two more key tools to identify where you be might be unconsciously disrupting your success.

Self-growth only occurs when you do the work. Get ready and commit 100% to being your best and to doing the work in just four months. Ensure maximum results for your future success by establishing a solid foundation! What greater benefit can you ask for?

If you want to know more, just email me at jencoken@gmail.com