This is the part where I share my life story, right?

If it’s okay with you I’d like to go about this another way. 

Rather than give you a TEDx-worthy rendition of how I found my way to coaching mid-level career leaders for the past 20 years, I want to share a few of the things that make me tick. 

The kind of nuggets you’d learn if we shared a coconut milk latte.  Here goes:

Work and Play.jpg

To me, work and play are one.

When you’re juggling a tangle of responsibilities or wading your way through a full-stop crisis, life can seem so serious. Embracing the ridiculousness of life is what keeps me afloat. Humor and playfulness are what make me feel less alone and help me “get it all done."


Questions are my best friends.

And listening? We gab over chips and guac every Tuesday night. My point is, I love discovery and looking at circumstances with new eyes. And: I whole-heartedly enjoy pushing boundaries and throwing bias to the side. It’s how we get into uncharted territory (and how I survived 30 years as a grassroots organizer in politics). 

Jen Coken The Velvet Sledgehammer.jpg

They call me the “Velvet Sledgehammer”

Some call me the “Velvet Sledgehammer.” Others just call me “The Sledgehammer.” I tend to cut through the crap and I’ve got a serious thing for authenticity. My vision is a world where you are free to be yourself, grounded in who you are, and achieving your soul's purpose, but arriving there begins with getting real about why things are they way they are... in a judgement-free space, of course.


I don’t work with my clients forever — here’s why:

You already have the power to achieve your goals. My job is to listen. To help you arrive at your own answers. To help you craft an actionable plan for tapping into that power. Once you take your finger out of that dam there’s no going back. Let me be abundantly clear: Coaching should always be about solutions and forward momentum.

Jen Coken Raising the Bar.jpg

But I do raise the bar on people (even if they set it high to begin with).

I live for helping people achieve breakthroughs. We’re here to fulfill a destiny after all! Achieving your goals is one thing. Shirking old have-to’s and should’s is another. But going beyond what you think you’re capable of? That’s what my process revolves around. Seeing people do their heart’s work is why I’m a coach.


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