The Reclaim Your Sanity Series

Reclaim Your Sanity & Make Big Shifts in 60 Minutes.  

If you feel like life is full of wrenches and want new ways to laugh at them, pivot, and move in the direction of evolution, then the Reclaim Your Sanity Renewal Series is for you! 

The series features proven tools you can add to your "bag of tricks" and use as needed as you move through the challenges of life. 

In these 60 minute master classes, you will tackle professional and personal struggles (the ones you don’t want to chat about with your partner or best friend): 

  • How Anxiety Can HELP You Achieve Your Goals!
  • Balance is Bullshit!: Access Your Inner Calm
  • Kill Your Inner Hyena!: Silence Your Inner Critic
  • Celebrate Your Wins, Achieve Greater Success
  • Cat Got Your Tongue?: Handling Tough Conversations
  • Extraordinary Goal Setting — Creating Resolutions that Stick
  • Not More Excuses, Get More Done!