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Reader Reviews of Amazon Bestseller

  • "Jennifer's unblinking look into the feelings of joy, despair, hope, redemption and peace will have you cry from your soul and laugh from your belly."
  • "This book speaks to the power of the human spirit."
  • "I was engrossed from the start. Jennifer writes with humor and honesty you can feel and relate to."
  • "More than a memoir, Jennifer's writing reminds us that the lessons in life reveal themselves during the highs and lows of living."
  • "Her wit and honesty about her own thoughts and feelings will make you look at yourself in a new light."
  • "She has such a great voice - real life storytelling, human and humorous. Life happens and it is great when someone can catch it in the act."
  • "It is such a joy to experience a well-written book. The only thing better is a meaningful well-written book."
  • "The author's ability to find the heart of life's most difficult experiences is inspiring and beautiful."



In Humorous New Memoir, Washington DC’s Jen Coken Recounts How Mother’s Death From Ovarian Cancer Created Radical Shift in Life Perspective; Offers Lessons for Others in Difficult Times

August 5, 2016, Washington, DC—Washington, DC writer Jennifer Coken, a political activist, stand-up comic and life coach has penned a memoir chronicling her mother’s death from ovarian cancer, and the personal transformation that came out of her grief.

“When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments Into Your Greatest Gifts,” is a much needed wake-up call for women over 40 to start listening to their bodies and catch ovarian cancer early. But the book is more than just a cancer memoir; rather, it serves as a reminder of the transformation that comes from tragedy and what can be learned along the way. In the book, Coken takes the reader through a journey of discovering the gifts in their own life as they learn how to appreciate what is right in front of them. 

The book’s lessons draw on Jennifer’s experience leading transformational seminars for nearly two decades, giving people an opportunity to “own” their humanity and go beyond their self-made limitations. Coken also spent six years on the stand-up comedy circuit in Denver and uses humor to embrace the ridiculousness of life. 

“Jennifer Coken’s riveting memoir sheds light on an important issue that every woman needs to know about. Take the journey with her through the tragic death of her mother to ovarian cancer and possibly save a life in doing so,” said Dr. Caryn Silver, MD, Florida Cancer Specialists.

“For all those who have lived through their parents dying, this is a moving reminder of how important that period can be. For everyone, whether or not you have had that experience, it is a heart-warming testimony to the power and importance of love and living life to the fullest while we can,” said Heather Booth, Civil Rights activist and Author.

Jennifer spent 30 years as a political and legislative strategist running campaigns at the federal, state and local levels, and as a visionary entrepreneur starting non-profit organizations and raising millions of dollars. Jennifer has worked for the Public Interest Research Groups, the National Parks Conservation Association, the Congressional Hunger Center, the Western Clean Energy Campaign and an additional 40+ clients working on issue and electoral campaigns. She was one of the founders of Hands on DC and assisted with the creation of the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center in Washington DC.  

 “When I Die, Take My Panties” is her first book. 

About the Author

  •  Comedian, Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Voice Over Actor

  • 18 years as a Life Coach for one of the premiere personal growth and development companies coaching thousands of people

  • 6 years on stand-up comedy circuit in Denver, Colorado

  • 30 years as a political and legislative strategist running campaigns at the federal, state and local level

  • Visionary entrepreneur starting non-profit organizations and raising millions of dollars: Co-founder of Hands on DC, Southeast Tennis and Learning Center and Colorado’s Blue Flower Fund

  • When I Die, Take My Panties is Jennifer’s first book

  • Resides in Rockville, MD

Jen Coken spent six years on the stand-up comedy circuit in Denver and uses humor to embrace the ridiculousness of life. Jen has coached thousands of people for nearly 20 years to go beyond their self-made limitations and produce breakthrough results.  Not a week goes by without Jen receiving an email from someone thanking her for making a difference in their life. 

 All kinds of people have found hope and inspiration with Jen: “I was going to break up with my girlfriend but now we are getting married in November, thank you!” “When I lost my job, I thought the world had ended but instead you inspired me to have fun with this new chapter of my life.” No matter what you are dealing with, Jen will help you reclaim your sense of humor and personal power.

 After losing her Mom to ovarian cancer in 2011, Jen wrote a book about her journey aptly titled “When I Die, Take My Panties.” In the book Jen helps the reader discover the gifts in their own lives, and find the motivation and courage to have heartfelt conversations with the people they love, right here right now. Jen’s motto is “Live ever day as if it is was your FIRST!”

 Jen lives in Maryland, loves cycling and is a member of the National Writer’s Union.