WASHINGTON (ABC7) — September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, but research over the past decade suggests that it might need to be renamed Fallopian Tube Cancer Awareness. Dr. Mark Boguski of Reimagining Cancer and author Jen Coken shed light on this important link to a cancer that 1 in 72 women will be diagnosed with.

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Ed interviews Jennifer about life, accomplishments and how to be successful in the new year. 

Episode 14:  Do You Have Friends Who Don’t Agree With You Politically? Author Jen Coken Talks About How Politics And Ovarian Cancer Changed Her Life.  January 2018

Episode 14:  Do You Have Friends Who Don’t Agree With You Politically? Author Jen Coken Talks About How Politics And Ovarian Cancer Changed Her Life.  January 2018

How do you deal with hardship? My guest today uses humor to get her through tough times, and in this episode, she shares her truly inspiring journey as she struggled to deal with the loss of her mother to ovarian cancer. As a life coach, Jennifer Coken has taught thousands of people to use humor…

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"Ovarian Cancer -- Tools to Catch This Silent Killer."

Interviews with individuals that have dealt with challenging times in their lives but manage to overcome these challenges and find happiness. Many of us deal with our struggles in silence and feel we are the ONLY one in this journey, but this show is dedicated to everyone dealing with similar hurdles. Welcome to Season 2 of the Happyness Journey. My guest is author Jennifer Coken and she will share with us her many challenges in life including the loss of her mother, dealing with a failed marriage and loss of job after relocating to this area.

On this show, Ed talks to Jen about World Ovarian Cancer Day and why she thinks ovarian cancer shouldn't be called ovarian cancer anymore.

Maggie Linton has over 40-years in broadcasting bringing out the best in her guests. Topics include: business, finance, health, sports, entertainment, relationships, politics and much more to help focus your journey on success and happiness. Listen to her interview Jen from April 7, 2017.

Did you know that a woman dies of ovarian cancer every 10 hours? Jen Coken didn’t, not until her mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2006 and eventually died in 2011. Since that experience, Jen Coken has made it her mission to educate women across the country about ovarian cancer by sharing her story.

Discussing hot topics, and providing solutions for the challenges that generation x and y face to adjust to "adulthood".  This week, join our conversation with Author and motivational coach Jen Coken. 

Host Bill Horan helps listeners uncover hidden talents to maximize individual success. This week he talks with Jen Coken about her secrets for success and how they can work for you.  Don't miss out on this week's show!

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Ed asks Jen some great questions, inviting her to share some funny stories and offer fantastic coaching tools. Listen now!

"Jen Coken is one of our all time favorite regular guests! Each interview with Jen touches our listeners' hearts with her compelling life story and insights. She brings smiles and hope to our audience, by showing us that we can conquer life's challenges with wisdom and humanity wrapped in an awesome humor."  ~Ed Tyll

Wellness and Life Lessons show features guest Jen Coken, life coach and stand-up comedian.  We focus on getting you, dear listener, started on the right foot for the new year. Here are eight mantras for an awesome 2017:  1. Take time to reflect on– and bring closure to– the past BEFORE you step into a new opportunity (like the New Year).  2. Celebrate your awesomeness (all that you accomplished as you look back)!  Read More

The holidays already come with their own level of stress, this year maybe especially stressful with the addition of the election and a few other emotional topics. How can we approach Thanksgiving dinner with less stress and (hopefully) worry free? Jen Coken, Life Coach and Comedian has some tips for us that she calls "How to Eat the Bird When You Really Feel Like Flipping It."


"Jen Coken has a personality that just sucks you in. Your viewers will walk away with a new friend. I know I did!"  ~ Poet Taylor, Producer, Good Morning Washington


It's finally Fall and with that, comes snuggling with a blanket and reading a great book. Author and promoter, Patricia Fischer, is here to tell Shelly about a few new reads that will be perfect for this season.

No one is getting out of here alive. Talking about how and what you want done when you leave can be as natural and loving as how and what you want done as you live. On "The Mosaic Garden" with Kristi Petersen, Jen Coken shares how she was able to have that conversation with her mom before she passed, with respect, love and humor.


"Jen is easy to interview with her energetic and lively personality. I would truly enjoy having her back as a guest in the future." ~ Kristi Ellen Peterson, Voice America’s 7th Wave Radio Host


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