Jen Coken, Your Personal Guide to Embracing the Ridiculousness of Life!

Most of us don’t have a choice about HOW WE GO,

But we all have a choice about HOW WE GO THROUGH LIFE.


Are you living from your heart? Or from your ego? 

We all face challenges at various points in our lives.  During those times we begin to question ourselves, question our power, and question our abilities; our confidence in ourselves or others or our community gets shaken. I'm of the belief that absolutely everything that comes our way is meant to teach us about ourselves. The question is, what are you learning?

As a Life Coach, what makes me so successful is NOT that I give you the answers, but I ask questions so that you can discover things for yourself. Together we'll discover new pathways for success that give you a new level of power.  

I draw upon my 18 years coaching thousands of people in all aspects of their lives such as relationships, leadership, making a difference in the community, health and fitness, communication, love, family, spirituality and much more.

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“It’s amazing how easily Jen connected the dots during our very first session and ever since. She has a strong intuitive ability to assess challenges, but still asks thought-provoking questions to guide conversation that exposes needs and immediate practical solutions. As a very busy business-owner and mother, I found her no-nonsense, compassionate style the perfect blend to help me break through barriers I didn’t even know were holding me back!”
— Ennis Carter, Founding Director, Social Impact Studios
“Jen genuinely loves coaching others. It seems like a very natural role for her. Jen is very direct, which is a style I find particularly helpful. Coaching calls with Jen always inspired me to go do more and be more.”
— Lisa Velasquez, Business Development Mgr, NJ for Direct Energy Solar