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The Three Secrets to Being a "Viral" Leader

  • AWE 6326 16th Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20011 United States (map)
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The Three Secrets to Being a “Viral” Leader

(Hint, it has nothing to do with social media!).

WASHINGTON DC CHAPTER • Attend our monthly meetings and enjoy wine and other refreshments, delicious snacks, and the most awesome women business owners you can connect, collaborate, and have some laughs within Washington DC!

The great leaders of our time make it look so easy. Perhaps they were born that way or perhaps they read the right books. Neither is the case. Great leadership isn’t innate, and it can’t be measured solely by the actions you take. Great leaders understand that human capital is the greatest resource they will ever have. If you want to be the kind of leader people naturally want to follow you must learn how to build a great relationship with yourself, so you can build great relationships with others.

Takeaways from this talk:

  • Deal with the Facts, Stop Telling Stories: Learn to identify and let go of the stories you tell yourself about yourself, and the stories you tell about others.

  • Say Everything, That Matters: When you see someone going in the wrong direction, learn how to assertively and respectfully approach them and say what everyone else is thinking.

  • Empower Those Around You: Empowerment starts by looking in another’s direction – that is where growth happens. When you are looking in the same direction you will see new opportunities to collaborate – and empowerment then becomes a “power-source” relationship.

Parking on the opposite side of 16th street. Members may park in the driveway also. Pull all the way to the back.

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