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Let Go of What Isn't Working

What is this "Reclaim Your Sanity" Series About Anyway?

In these 60 minute master classes, you will tackle professional and personal struggles (the ones you can’t or don’t want to chat about with your partner or best friend). You’ll go from feeling slightly insane to having a handle on solutions. 

We navigate life's ridiculous montage, and tackle a variety of topics both professional and personal. From blunders in the workplace to personal loss, from dealing with your teenagers to caring for your aging parents, these and other irritations can either drive us to insanity or inspire us to overcome and thrive.

Each masterclass features a proven tool you can add to your "bag of tricks" and use as needed as you move through the challenges of life. 

If you are live on the webinar,  you may be one of the lucky ones to get on the spot coaching from Jen!

Earlier Event: July 17
PWIA Comedy Workshop