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When you select someone to speak to your audience, you place your audience’s trust in you onto that speaker. Jen Coken brings real world experience and an interactive performance that not only inspires, but moves audiences to action.

“Jen's background as a comedian makes her infusion of humor natural, authentic and fun! Jen is ideal for audiences of professional females because she’s relatable and she combines empathy for “the reality of life” with a true desire for women to live their most fulfilling lives.” — Meghann Conter, Denver Dames

“Jen is a wonderful and enriching speaker, with a focus on positivity and possibilities, who truly connects with her audience. She received extremely positive feedback from our group and is a great addition to any program. We happily recommend her as both a speaker and coach!” — Joe and Betsey Samuel, St. John’s Norwood Church

Jen educates and entertains executives, directors and mid-level managers, HR professionals, and entrepreneurs with unmatched content they can use in both their professional and personal lives. 
From uniting teams and improving communication, to taking on difficult conversations and team building, Jen delivers valuable insights with a splash of humor that keeps audiences engaged and asking for more. 

When you work with Jen Coken, you can count on content and delivery customized around the needs of your group filled with specific, actionable information and techniques they can use to become happier and more productive together. Jen offers:

Half-day / Multiple Day Trainings and Retreats
Keynote Speeches, Fireside Chats, Workshops, and Webinars
Strategic Visioning and Leadership Sessions

“Jen ran a one day retreat for our leadership team. We have been working through the initiatives we set that day and have seen a real difference with empowered leaders and our team living through values.” — Kristen R., Accounting Firm

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