8 Weeks to Purposeful Living

8 Weeks to Purposeful Living


Does Size Really Matter When It Comes to Your Goals?

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Goals can come in all different shapes and sizes.

Small ones can allow us to feel accomplished in the moment, but they don’t stretch us.

And big ones can seem daunting right out of the gate.

The real issue with setting goals isn’t their height, length or girth...

It’s making sure they align with who we really are.

That’s when real transformation can occur.

Most people just set goals willy-nilly without doing an internal check first to see if they’re really right for them…

If that’s you to a T, you’re not alone…

Are You Feeling…?

  • Unfulfilled in your life, being a slave to the dreaded “To Do” list that just keeps getting longer by the day?

  • Unfocused on what the source of your inner light really is?

  • Uninspired with where your life is going?


Everyone has a vision for their life inside them – whether they’re aware of it or not.

Some will just plain do nothing...

Some will create a vision board and call it a day...

But there are a few courageous, daring people like you who actually want to put it into action.

If you want to explore the vision for your life but don’t have a clue where to begin…

You’re in luck.

As an expert coach, I can help you bring the vision for your life to life, literally, by giving you the context you need to get inspired and move forward with the right goals for your life, no matter how lofty they are.

Once we work together, you WILL finally be able to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, one that’s filled with vision, meaning and purpose.