There I was in my hotel room off the coast of Portugal with tears streaming down my face.  I should be happy! The sun was shining. The ocean looked so blue. The waves were crashing up on the volcanic rocks.  We had been whale watching. We had been hiking and biking. We had visited natural hot springs, and had been eating amazing food over the last week. Yet there I was having my own private meltdown.   

 Why? When I returned home from my vacation I would be leaving three days later for a spiritual retreat in sunny Florida with hundreds of beautiful people from around the world. I should be looking forward to this! I should be thinking about how peaceful and wonderful this retreat was going to be! Instead I was crying thinking about being away from home one more night. This was my moment to realize I needed to stop. I needed to regroup. I needed to breathe. I needed put balance back into my life immediately.

But what is this thing we call balance?

My life is very different today than it was six months ago. Six months ago, I was managing a large team at a solar company and on the road quite a bit but I had learned how to organize my life around that schedule.  Today as a full-time author, life coach, speaker, voice over talent and comedian, I have no set schedule. I was working all the time and feeling guilty every time I’d do something for myself.

I had stopped doing all the things I knew to do to feed my own soul. I had stopped meditating regularly. I had stopped exercising regularly. I had stopped eating the way I know nourishes my body.  I had stopped writing down what I was grateful for at the end of each evening to bring closure to my day.  I had stopped sleeping 7 hours a night. These had been the daily actions I had taken that give me a sense of peace.   A sense of balance.

I have coached so many people over the years who say “I need balance in my life!” Yet what they generally mean is that they are trying to find some ideal of balance that they think they should have; and once they have it they’ll be happy.  That is a great way to beat yourself up if you are looking for one.

What I have found is that balance is truly unique to each of us.  One person may want more time to be with their kids or grand kids. Someone else may want to spend more time developing a new talent. Another person may want to finally use up the vacation days that they never use.

So how do you find balance for you? I have a great tool that I use with clients and I’d like to gift to you for the new year.  All you need to do is sign up for a 30-minute discovery call and we’ll use it together.