Just Say YES to Less Stress

I wanted to give you a quick tip about how to manage stress.

Steve Jobs said: "Focus is saying no to a 1,000 things."

I want to take that one step further.

Reducing your stress level is also a result of saying no to a 1,000 things. But how do you choose?

Start by saying NO to all of the things you THINK you HAVE to do.

I capitalized the words THINK and HAVE because if you took a few minutes to go over what you did today, or even over the last week, a lot of what you thought you HAD to do likely wasn't necessary at all.

Let me give you a simple example.

I was taught by Gramma to make my bed at the age of 6. I was then expected to make it every morning. No problem.

As an adult I still made the bed every morning. It didn't matter if I was running late. It didn't matter if I was sick. I'd actually make the bed and go hang out on the couch.

My bed making became habitual.

A habit is a repeated and regular behavior that occurs subconsciously.

While this is a small example of making my bed, how many of the things you do each day simply out of habit?

How many things are you doing because you feel like you HAVE TO but are really only going through the motions?

I bet you will be surprised when you truly think about it.

Jen Coken