Jen spent six years on the stand-up comedy circuit in Denver and uses humor to embrace the ridiculousness of life. She has coached thousands of people for nearly 20 years to go beyond their self-made limitations and produce breakthrough results. Not a week goes by without Jen receiving an email from someone thanking her for making a difference in their life.

All kinds of people have found hope and inspiration with Jen: "I was going to break-up with my girlfriend but now we are getting married in November. Thought you'd want to know!" "When I lost my job, I thought the world had ended but instead you inspired me to have fun with this new chapter of my life." No matter what you are dealing with, Jen will help you reclaim your sense of humor and personal power.

After losing her Mother to ovarian cancer in 2011, Jen wrote a book about  her journey aptly titled "When I Die, Take My Panties: Turning Your Darkest Moments into Your Greatest Gifts." In the book Jen helps readers discover the gifts in their own lives, and find the courage and motivation to have heartfelt conversations with the people they love, right here, right now. 

Jen's motto is "Live every day is if it is your FIRST!"

Jennifer currently resides in Maryland and is a member of the National Writer's Union. If Jen isn't in her kitchen cooking up something wonderful she found at the local farmer's market, you'll find her out on her bicycle or hiking a new trail.